31" Ecuador Ethanol Fire Bowl

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Ecuador fire bowl in Burnt Terra Cotta

31" Ecuador Concrete Fire Bowl
Featuring 14" ethanol burner- a clean, green product
No gas line or propane tank required
U.L. Listed


  • Hand cast concrete bowl has the look and feel of natural carved stone
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete bowl is heat resistant, durable, and maintenance free
  • Twelve premium finishes
    • Picture 1: Burnt Terra Cotta
    • Picture 2: Sequoia
  • Stainless steel ethanol burner insert
    • Ethanol burners produce a clean, eco-friendly burn with no by-products
  • Stainless steel cover provided to smother flame and cover burner when not in use
  • Ethanol burner capacity: 2.1 gallons
  • Burn time: 7-11 hours
  • 20,433 btu's/hr
Buyers Guide:
  • Consult with building officials and local codes when planning any fire feature
  • Available for use inside and outside
  • Use approved denatured ethanol fuel only
  • Owner must purchase a ABC Monoammonnium Phospate fire extinguisher
    • Fire extinguisher is a mandatory item and must be purchased independently
  • 20 lbs of fire glass is recommended
    • Fire glass does not fill area fire is burning
  • Only fill burner with the quantity of fuel you are willing to burn completely
    • Unused fuel will evaporate from burner when not in use


Includes:  Lighting rod, burner lid, fuel container


  • Bowl Dimensions:  31” Diameter x 10” Height  (10" Base)
  • 3” diameter hole provided in bottom of bowl for water drainage
  • Stainless steel support plate provided for ethanol burner insert 
  • Ethanol burner insert (14.2" diameter x 6" height)
    • Has a 5" diameter flame