36" Portofino Copper Fire Bowl

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36" Portofino Copper Fire Bowl

36" Portofino Copper Fire Bowl
36" copper bowl with oil rubbed bronze finish and manual gas burner
Hand crafted from 18 gauge solid copper
Consider upgrading to our electronic ignition system for convenient and safe operation

Features and Specifications:

  • Bronze patina finish
  • Smooth copper texture
  • Rolled rim
  • Handcrafted using 18 gauge solid copper
  • 24" stainless steel burner
  • 150,000 btu's
  • Stainless steel flexible gas line for convenient gas connection
  • 5" hole provided in bottom of bowl for gas access, venitlation, and water drainage
  • Available in propane or natural gas
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Dimensions:  36" Diameter x 12 1/2" Height; (Base 10")

* Each copper bowl is hand built to create a unique aged appearance as compared to a spun bowl.  Our fabrication process involves brazing sheets of copper together to produce a handcrafted seam and the unique contour of the bowl.

Buyers Guide

  • Consult with building officials, local codes and certified professionals before installing a gas fire bowl
  • We offer a full line of burners including CSA certified burners and U.L listed control panels.
  • Be aware of some automated burners on the market which have a certified part listed but not the complete burner system
  • Key valve or ball valve is needed for lighting and adjusting the flame height on the manual burner.
  • If bowl is mounting on a column you may want to consider installing valve in this location or choose option below to have valve installed in bowl.
  • If propane is your gas source, consider using lava rock or fire stones as a decorative accessory. Fire glass is not approved for automated LP burners.
  • If natural gas is your gas source you can use any of our accessories including fire glass.  100 lbs of fire glass is recommended.
Automated Burner Vs  Manual Burner
  • Manual burner requires a hand held lighter or match to be placed next to burner while the gas valve is opened.   
    • Advantages:    Price, less installation time and costs, no electricity required
    • Disadvantages:    Inconvenient to light, gas continues to flow if flame is extinguished, Inspectors may not approve
  • Automated burner system is a state of the art flame circuit technology which continuously monitors the status of the flame.   Can be operated with a remote, wall switch or integrated with pool controller.
    • Advantages:   Safe, convenient, certified (CSA approved burner, U.L listed control panel), burner will re-light if flame extinguishes due to wind, multiple burners can be operated by one control panel.  80,000 btu burner is very efficient and produces an impressive flame
    • Disadvantage: Cost
Optional Accessories:
Fire glass and lava rock creates the finishing touch for this outdoor gas fire bowl
Key valve: Choose yes if you prefer to have manual gas valve installed in bowl