Table Tank Cover - Granite Top

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Table Tank Cover - Granite Top

Propane Tank Cover w/ Granite Top 
Ideal for fire bowls and small propane fire pits
Conceals a standard 20 lb propane tank.    

Features and Specifications:

  • Base: Aluminum Construction
  • Base finish: Charcoal Brown 
  • Granite Top
  • Height:  22"
  • Diameter:  21"

Buyers Guide:

  • Consider a quick disconnect gas line for portable propane fire pits
  • Permanent propane fire pits will require a gas line run from tank to fire pit location
  • Consult with certified gas plumber for installing a buried gas line
  • Ideal for fire pits and fire bowls with 12" or 18" burners.  See below  


  • 20 lb propane tank =  4.7 gallons of fuel
  • 50,000 btu appliance uses approximately one gallon every two hours
  • * Propane is in a liquid form inside the tank.  During use the change of state from liquid to gas requires heat.  The heat to vaporize is from the metal that surrounds the gas in that area.  If the demand for the propane is high, the surrounding metal gets cold.  If the demand is too high the water vapor inside the tank will freeze and can freeze within the regulator.  The ice crystals will block the flow of propane.  If this occurs, turn all valves off, disconnect hose & regulator, wait 15 to 30 minutes, reconnect all fittings.
  • Recommendations:  Re-fill tank - Turn fire pit gas valve lower for less flame - Install a smaller burner with less Btu's

Prop 65 warning (CA residence)