Cobalt Reflective Fire Glass

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Large cobalt reflective fire glass
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Large Cobalt Reflective
Cobalt is one of our most popular colors often specified by designers and architects
Exceptional choice for poolside fire features.  
FREE SHIPPING on orders over 20 lbs

Refer to our Fire Glass Calculator to determine quantity needed for your fire feature.

Product Information:

  • Size: 3/8" to 5/8" pieces
  • Tumbled and filtered
  • Will not melt or burn
  • Great source of radiant heat
  • Ideal for outdoor fire pits and fire bowls
  • Popular product for approved indoor fireplaces
  • Reflective glass has a mirror finish on one side of glass

Natural Gas Applications:

  • Apply up to 2" depth of fire glass (Natural gas only)
  • Natural gas will disperse through glass for a full flame effect

Propane Gas Applications:

  • Propane (LP) gas is a heavy gas.  Applying too much media over burner holes may create back pressure and gas leakage resulting in gas pooling in fire pit.  Do not block propane gas burner holes with fire glass media.
  • Refer to manufacturers instructions for approved use of fire glass
  • Service and Installation should be performed by qualified professionals
  • Filler glass is not recommended for propane applications due to the limited amount of glass applied
  • Propane can produce a black soot which discolors fire glass.  Consider using dark colored glass

Buyers Guide:

  • 1 lb = 1 1/4 cups
  • 10 lbs = 3/4 gallon
  • 20 lbs fills a 24" round or 21" square fire pit with 1" depth of glass
    • Use glass calculator to determine total amount of fire glass needed for your fire feature
    • Save $$ by using our less expensive filler glass to fill up to 1" above burner (Natural Gas Only)
    • Example: 100 lbs of glass.  Purchase 60 lbs of filler glass + 40 lbs of preferred colored glass (Natural Gas Only)

Purchasing Information:

  • Qty (1) = 1 lb
  • Example: Qty (10) Filler + Qty (10) Cobalt Reflective = 20 lbs


Price listed is the price per pound

Prop 65 warning (CA residence)