Round Copper Fire Pit Cover

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Flat copper fire pit cover with one handle

Round Copper Fire Pit Cover
Available Sizes: 32”, 35”, 38”, 41”, 44”, 47” 


  • Hand Hammered Copper Texture
  • Aged Brown Patina Finish
  • 100% Heavy Gauge Copper
  • 3/8" Rolled Rim on Inside Edge 
  • Copper Handle
  • One handle Provided for Size 32" and 35"
  • Two Handles Provided for Sizes 41”, 44”, 47” (Handles Spaced 18" Apart)

Buyers Guide:

  • Actual inside dimension of cover is 3/4” less due to rolled rim
  • Example: 32” Cover (Inside Diameter: 31 1/4”)

How To Order If Cover Will Be Used As A Table Top:

  • Measure outside diameter of fire pit  
  • Cover should extend a minimum of 1/2" over top of fire pit
  • Example: If Your Fire pit diameter is 32" purchase a 35” size cover

How To Order If Cover Sets On Top Of Fire Pit Coping:

  • Measure inside opening of fire pit  
  • Cover should extend a minimum of 1" over top of fire pit opening
  • Example: If your opening is 30" purchase a 32" cover or larger

Copper Specifications:

  • Copper is measured by weight in oz. per sq. ft.
  • Cover is fabricated using 16 oz. copper (similar thickness to 18 gauge metal)
  • 32” Cover weight: 20 lb
  • 41” Cover weight: 25 lbs
  • 44” Cover weight: 34 lbs 

Copper Specifications:

  • Copper cover will flex when removing or installing on fire pit
  • Cover will set flush on top of fire pit once installed

Shipping Information

Large size covers will usually ship via freight due to size and weight.  Please provide a contact phone number so freight company can contact you for delivery.

 ***Contact Us For Custom Sizes: or 770-963-7999