30" Square Fire Pit Frame (Manual Gas Burner)

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30" square manual fire pit frame

30" Square Fire Pit Frame with Manual Gas Burner
Prefabricated gas fire pit includes: Heavy duty frame construction, 12" stainless steel burner, choice of frame heights (14", 18", 22" or 26"), stainless steel pan, manual gas key valve.                                                                                                                                             

Why our system is the highest quality and best value on the market

  • Frame constructed with 20 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel framing material
  • 16 gauge stainless steel pan
  • Pan fabricated with disc in center of pan to allow access to inside of frame for gas hook-up and servicing
  • Stainless steel penta burner
  • Stainless steel gas pipe welded in center of access disc for secure installation of fire ring
  • Solid brass valve with decorative cover and key
  • Stainless steel gas fittings
  • Hi flow whistle free stainless steel gas connector for convenient gas connection

L.P (liquid propane) gas fire pit frame includes:

  • Solid brass air mixer and orifice fitting
  • Stainless steel burner insert disc allows access to inside frame for gas line connection and servicing air mixer

 Buyers Guide:

  • Consult with building officials and certified professionals when planning and installing gas fire pits
  • Do it yourself fire pit frame kit allows you to be creative finishing the exterior of frame
  • Long keys (8", 12", 18") are available to extend thru depth of finish material to valve 
  • Continue shopping for fire pit accessories to enhance the flame.   Choose from fire glass, fire stones and lava rock 
  • Air vents required for LP gas fire pits.  Finish material must allow for a minimum of two vents (16 sq. in.) at base of fire pit
  • * Recommend large lava rock, lava boulder or gas logs as the decorative accessory for LP gas burners 

Fire Glass Information (Natural Gas)

  • Natural gas burners can have up to 2" of fire glass covering burner
  • Additional glass may be needed to create shapes or fill to your finished surface
  • 55 lbs of fire glass will fill pan and cover burner. 

Fire Glass & Small Lava Rock Information (Liquid Propane Gas)

  • LP gas burners should not have more than 1/4" of fire glass or small lava rock covering burner  
  • Do not block burner holes when applying
  • *LP GAS WARNING: Do not exceed 1/4" depth of fire glass or small lava rock directly above burner holes.  Applying too much media may result in unburned gas pooling in fire pit. Ventilation required to allow fresh air into enclosure and any residual gas to escape.

Frame Dimension:  30" L x 30" W
Frame Height Options: 14", 18", 22"  
Pan Dimension:  22 1/2" L x 22 1/2" W

Sales and technical: 770-963-7999 *Call for custom sizes

Prop 65 warning (CA residence)