97" Curved Fire Pit Frame (Manual Gas Burner)

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95" curved fire pit frame

97" Curved Fire Pit Frame
Prefabricated fire pit featuring a 72" curved burner. 
Upgrade to a electronic ignition burner if you prefer to operate your fire feature with a remote, timer or wall switch. 
Manual match lit key valve allows for convenient lighting and flame height control.  


  • Heavy duty frame construction
  • 150,000 btu's
  • 72" Stainless steel pipe burner
  • Stainless steel burner pan w/ 6" x 6" access plate in center of pan
  • Key valve assembly includes: Brass valve, decorative flange and key
  • Stainless steel flexible gas line for convenient gas connection
  • Top decking: 4" width

How to make template of curved frame
Radius is the length of line from center of circle to the perimeter

  1. Cut a string 43 3/4" in length
  2. Hold one end of string in a fixed position
  3. Tie a pencil to other end of string and draw arc
  4. Measure 71" around arc to determine inside arc of frame
  5. Cut a string 59 3/4" and follow above steps.  Measure 100" around arc to determine outside arc

 Buyers Guide:

  • Consult with building officials and certified professionals when planning and installing gas fire pits
  • Do it yourself fire pit frame kit allows you to be creative finishing the exterior of frame
  • Long keys (8", 12", 18") are available to extend thru depth of finish material to valve 
  • Continue shopping for fire pit accessories to enhance the flame.   Choose from fire glass, fire stones and lava rock 
  • Air vents required for LP gas fire pits.  Finish material must allow for a minimum of two vents (16 sq. in.) at base of fire pit
  • * Recommend large lava rock, lava boulder or gas logs as the decorative accessory for LP gas burners
  • Refer to dimensions below to confirm size and degree of arc is ideal for your application.  Create a cardboard template to assist. 

Fire Glass information (Natural Gas)

  • Natural gas burners can have up to 2" of fire glass covering burner
  • Additional glass may be needed to create shapes or fill to your finished surface.  Natural gas only
  • 100 lbs of fire glass will fill pan and cover burner. 

Fire Glass & small lava rock Information (Liquid Propane Gas)

  • LP gas burners should not have more than 1/4" of fire glass or small lava rock covering burner holes  
  • Lava rock (2" or larger) can be applied up to 3" above burner.  Do not block burner air holes when applying.

LP Gas Warning:  Do not exceed 1/4" depth of fire glass or small lava rock directly over burner.  Applying too much media may result in unburned gas pooling in fire pit.  Ventilation required to allow fresh air into enclosure and any residual gas to escape.

Frame Dimension:  97" (top arc), 73" (inside arc), 16" wide
*Actual finish size will be determined by material used to complete outside of fire pit frame                          *Dimensions can vary by +/- 1"

Pan Dimension:  84" (top arc), 8" wide

Custom Sizes Available
Sales and Technical 770-963-7999

Prop 65 warning (CA residence)