60" Curved Fire Pit Kit

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48" curved burner kit with components

60" Curved Fire Pit Pan with 48" Curved Burner Kit
In Stock!  Curved pan/burner kit is ideal for outdoor fire pits, fire tables and custom flame creations
Available in natural gas or propane gas for convenient match lit operation
Gas Burner Kit Includes: Burner, pan, brass valve, key, decorative valve cover, 1/2" gas elbows                                                                                


  • Radius: 47 3/4"
  • 100,000 BTU's
  • 16 gauge stainless steel
  • 6" x 6" access plate provided in center of pan allowing for easy access to gas fittings
  • Gas connection located in center of burner (1/2" npt)
  • Hole provided in center of access plate for gas connection

Pan Dimensions:

  • Outside arc: 60"
  • Inside arc: 51 1/2"
  • Width: 8"
  • Depth: 2"
  • Arc dimensions can vary +/- 1 inch

Buyers Guide (How to make template of curved pan)
Radius is the length of line from center of circle to the perimeter

  1. Cut a string 47 3/4" in length
  2. Hold one end of string in a fixed position
  3. Tie a pencil to other end of string and draw arc
  4. Measure 51 1/2" around arc to determine inside arc of pan
  5. Cut a string 55 3/4" and follow above steps.  Measure 60" around arc to determine outside arc


  • Whisper flex gas line: provides convenient gas connection
  • Fuel type: Choose between natural or propane gas
  • Key length: Make sure key is larger than the width of your fire pit wall
  • Electronic Ignition System is available.  Call for specifications and pricing

Natural gas information:

  • 50 lbs of fire glass will fill fire pit pan
  • Additional glass may be required to fill to desired height depending on thickness of ledge.  (Natural gas only)

Liquid propane gas information:

  • LP gas air mixer fitting will reduce sooting and produce a more realistic flame appearance
  • LP conversion fitting should be installed on bottom side of access plate per instructions
  • Ventilation must be provided at the base of propane fire pits for safe operation
  • Do not install more than 1/4" of fire glass or small lava rock above burner holes
  • Do not block burner holes with media

* Custom sizes available