Campfyre Fire Pit Logs

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Handpainted campfire fire pit oak logs and chips

Campfyre Logs
Eleven distinctive logs and 6 log chips Free Shipping  Designed for fire pits with 12" or 18" fire rings. Arrange logs in a teepee configuration or a traditional stack log style.

Features & Specifications:

  • Full-body oak logs with hand-painted surface for a realistic log appearance
  • Manufactured using high-quality refractory ceramics and aggregates
  • Logs are reinforced with steel rods for added integrity
  • 11 logs range in size from 3" up to 15"
  • 6 log chips resemble small pieces of wood but are also manufactured using refractory ceramics

Buyers Guide:

  • Fill fire pit pan with lava rock or black glass to fill space under ring and above ring
  • Installing lava rock or black fire glass eliminates the need for a grate and supports the weight of logs
  • For natural gas fire rings fill lava rock up to 2" above fire ring
  • For propane gas fire rings fill lava rock up to 1/2" above fire ring
  • Gas logs can be arranged on lava rock to desired appearance
  • Gas logs look best with 18" burner but can be used with 24" burner
  • Custom covers available from Flame Creation.  Covering fire features is recommended