12" Penta Burner Kit

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12" stainless steel penta burner kit

12" Penta Burner Kit. 
Unique 5 petal design creates full flame appearance.  Available in natural gas or propane gas for convenient match lit operation.

Gas Fire Ring Kit Includes:   Fire ring, valve, key, decorative valve cover, 1/2" gas pipe elbows


  • 65,000 btu's/hr
  • Premium 304 stainless steel 
  • Tubing is angled in center hub to prevent water from entering gas supply
  • 1/2" FIP located in center hub of burner
  • Maximum gas pressure requirement:  Natural gas (7" wc, 1/4 psi), Propane gas (11" water column, 1/2 psi)
  • LP conversion fitting is designed to reduce sooting and improve flame appearance
  • Do not use corrugated gas lines from source to fire feature or you may experience a whistling noise during operation


  • Whisper flex gas line: provides convenient gas connection
  • Fuel type: Choose between natural or propane gas
  • Key length: Make sure key is larger than the width of your fire pit wall

Buyers Guide For Natural Gas Burners

  • Install approved media up to 2" above burner
  • Gas logs and large lava rock can be installed on top of media

Buyers Guide for Liquid Propane (LP) Gas Burners

  • Do not install more than 1/4" of glass or small lava rock above burner holes.  Do not block burner holes
  • Large lava rock (3" or larger) and gas logs can be used as long as burner holes are not blocked
  • Due to sooting (a residue which occurs from  LP gas burning) we suggest using black glass rather than colored glass
  • When designing and constructing fire feature be sure to provide adequate ventilation

Warning - For your safety

  • * LP gas is a heavy gas.  Applying too much media over burner holes may create back pressure and gas leakage resulting in gas pooling in fire pit.  
  • * A minimum of two ventilation openings 18 sq. in. each and orientated 180 degress apart must be installed at base of enclosure for LP gas fire pits
  • All information provided is for general information only.  Designing, installing, and servicing of any gas burner and fire feature must be performed by a qualified professional and gas supplier.  Installations must conform to local codes or in the absence of local codes refer to the National Fuel Gas Code (ANSI Z223.1 or CAN/CGA 8149.1), National Fuel Gas Installation Code, Propane Installation Code or CAN/CGA B149.2

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Prop 65 warning (CA residence)