60" Barbados Concrete Fire Bowl

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concrete 60" Barbados fire bowl

60" Barbados Concrete Fire Bowl
Create the ultimate outdoor room with the distinctive style and functionality of our largest precast fire bowl
Available in 12 distinct finishes. View all colors here!


  • Hand cast concrete bowl has the look and feel of natural carved stone
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete bowl is heat resistant, durable, and maintenance free
  • 12 premium finishes. View all colors here!
  • Fully assembled stainless steel burner will create an impressive flame

Each fire bowl or fire pit is made of a concrete fiberglass mix (GFRC), resulting in a lighter but structurally stronger product than ordinary concrete. The unique hand applied finish includes multiple stains and washes creating a beautiful one of a kind product. The final step is a wax seal which provides a deep lustrous finish and protection against fading and discoloration.

  • 60” Diameter x  17” Height  (8" diameter spheres)
  • Three decorative support spheres are permanently attached to bottom of bowl
  • 6” Diameter hole is provided in bottom of bowl for gas line access and water drainage
  • 36" Stainless steel burner for manual operation
  • 30" Electronic ignition burner is recommended for commercial applications
  • Flexible gas line provided for convenient gas hook up
 Buyers Guide:
  • Consult with building officials, local codes and certified professionals before installing a gas fire bowl
  • Flame Creation, LLC offers a full line of burners including a CSA certified automated burner and U.L listed control panel.
  • Protect your investment.  Some automated burners on the market will have a certified part but not the complete burner system. 
  • The manual burner will require a valve to manually light the burner and adjust the flame height.
  • 225 lbs of fire glass is recommended for natural gas applications with manual operation
  • 200 lbs of fire glass is recommended for natural gas applications with electronic ignition burner operation
  • 150 lbs of fire glass for propane gas applications.  Do not apply more than 1/4" fire glass or small media over burner
Electronic Burner vs. Manual Burner
  • Manual burner requires a hand held lighter or match to be placed next to burner while the gas valve is opened.   
    • Advantages: Price, installation time, no electricity required
    • Disadvantages:  Inconvenient to light, gas continues to flow if flame is extinguished, Inspectors may not approve
  • Electronic ignition burner system is a state of the art flame circuit technology which continuously monitors the status of the flame.   Can be operated with a remote control, wall switch or integrated with pool controller.
    • Advantages: Convenient, CSA approved, Safe (burner will re-light if flame extinguishes due to wind), one control panel can operate multiple burners.
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