Large Lava Rock

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8" - 12" large lava rock

Large Lava Rock
Color: Black
Size: 8" - 11"
Quantity: 32-35 lbs
Ships in a box: 20" L x 12" W x 8" H

Buyers Guide:

  • Consider using crushed lava rock as a filler material under burner
  • Apply large lava rock above burner 
  • 32" diameter fire pit will need approximately 65 lbs (Qty 2 boxes) of lava rock

Important! Natural black lava rock can crackle, pop or burst causing pieces of hot rock to fly out of the fire pit. Lava rock must be cured prior to use.

Set-up and Curing of Black Lava Rock

  1. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for applying lava rock to fire pit
  2. On first use, light fire pit and burn on high to cure the lava rock
  3. “FOR YOUR SAFETY” Once fire pit lit, maintain a safe distance (a minimum of 15 ft) from fire pit
  4. Operate fire pit at least 45 minutes during the curing process
  5. After 45 minutes continue curing lava rock until popping or crackling sound stops
  6. Turn fire pit off and let cool down
  7. If you apply more lava rock or move pieces of lava rock in fire pit follow above steps again to cure the lava rock.

Important! Wet Lava Rock

  • Lava rock which is wet or has moisture inside can pop or burst causing pieces of hot rock to fly out of the fire pit.
  • Allow fire pit to burn at least 45 minutes prior to coming within 15 feet of the fire pit if this condition exists
  • Consider covering fire pit when not in use to prevent lava rock from getting wet