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  • Propane gas conversion fitting. Includes: Brass fitting, stainless steel gas pipe nipple and coupling
  • 12 ft. flexible gas line for outdoor use with a 3/8" gas connection
  • Propane gas regulator with 36" braided stainless steel hose
  • 8" x 8" stainless steel access door for fire feature and gas access
  • Push button emergency stop control station housed in a yellow enclosure
  • Plastic push button emergency stop control station with key reset
  • commercial fire pit e-stop
  • Timer for electrical fire pit
  • 5 minute - 2 hour electrical timer for automated gas burners


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  • Insulation Pad for masonry fire pits
  • 3", 8" and 12" fire pit valve keys


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  • Manual key valve kit with 3" key, brass valve and decorative valve flange

    Key Valve Kit

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  • Manual valve kit with mounting bracket.  Includes: stainless steel bracket, brass valve, decorative valve cover, key.
  • Angle installation collar for fire pits
  • Flexible Installation Collar for Fire Pits
  • HWI splice igniter kit
  • Pilot assembly for electronic ignition burners. Includes hot wire igniter and 3" wire and pilot tube
  • HPC electronic ignition replacement igniter
  • Module


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  • Power supply or control panel for low voltage electronic ignition burners

    Power Supply

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